Announcement of the Engineering Technical Practice Presentation and Graduation Thesis Proposal for 2015 International Students in the Communications Engineering Major
2018年12月28日 发布人:通信工程 阅读次数:    
The engineering technical practice presentation and opening topic of graduation thesis for final year students will be arranged this semester. Students who applied for the presentation in Communications Engineering major 151 class should attend on time.
Time: 8:30am Thursday, Jan 3th, 2019, in the 17th week. Please arrive half an hour early to get prepared.
The Presentation Procedures:
1.           Internship period: week 9-17 in academic calendar.
2.           Internship presentation: each student will have 5 min to present the Engineering Internship experience with PPT slides, followed by 5-min question and answer session.
3.           Opening topic of graduation thesis: each student will have 5 min to present opening topic with PPT slides, followed by 5-min question and answer session.
4.           At the internship presentation, each student will bring all necessary materials and present his/her internship report in single-sided hardcopy. Report template is attached.
5.           The venue and order of the presentations follow those of the supervisors in the committee below.
Members of the Defense Committee and Venue:
Group 1:
Chairperson: Liang Chi;
Members: Liang Chi, Fangni Chen, Hongwei Tao, Yang Zhou
Venue: Wireless Communications Lab C1-519
Group 2:
Chairperson: Ming-Wei Wu
Members: Ming-Wei Wu, Zheng Zhang, Xinhua Wang
Venue: High Frequency Electronics Lab C1-523

Engineering Technical Practice Report Template CommsEng2018.docx